ISO9001:2015: The journey begins

For almost a year now Ekocoil has been working with updating its quality management system to ISO9001:2015 revision. We were a bit ahead of our time, since the 2015 update was officially launched just a few months back. Quality matters are not an unfamiliar territory for Ekocoil Group: Eino Talsi has a ISO9001:2008 certificate and Ekocoil has had a quality management system up and running “unofficially” for several years now.

To summarize our thoughts regarding the 2015 revision of ISO9001 – wow, this does make sense! This new version is more of a business management system than just a quality management system. The standard has taken a direction, where detailed instructions and check-lists have been replaced with practices and ways of working, which are already widely in use in many companies. ISO9001:2015 just brings more structure to all this.

But assume that we had a smooth ride throughout the update process. The air in the conference room grew thick and heavy, as we with frustration banged our heads to the wall. The firs ideas were subpar (“cant we just copy this from somewhere?”) and the main motivation for the work seemed to be the fear of the auditor. Slowly but steadily we started to get the hang of things and through some key realizations found a completely new drive to the process. The next posts of the series will share insights to this quality journey of ours.





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