Using Economizer to increase boiler efficiency

As requirements for energy savings tighten and costs become higher, every possible way to increase energy efficiency are more valuable than ever. In a boiler, a lot of energy is wasted with the combustion gas. Significant savings can be achieved, if this energy can be recovered and further utilized in the boiler cycle.


Econimizers can be used for this type of heat recovery. It acts as a heat exchanger between the combustion gas and the feed water. Economizer is installed at the end of the boiler cycle to cool down combustion gas exiting from the boiler. The recovered energy can be further used to heat the feed water. This way the Economizer improves the operating efficiency of the boiler process.

Below is an example of the energy savings an Economizer offers.

Initial data:

  • Boiler efficiency: 5MW
  • Combustion gas from boiler: 200°C
  • Combustion gas from Economizer: 100°C
  • Energy cost: 50€
  • Operating time: 4000h/a


  • Economizer power: 257kW
  • Energy savings: 1029MW/a
  • Energy savings: 41466€/a

Kuvankaappaus 2016-5-18 kello 13.55.05


The payback time for an Economizer is from 6 months to 4 years depending on case.




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