Dry Coolers for large Data Center

Data Centres have high level of standards for operation. This applies also the cooling system, which has to be energy efficient without compromising reliability. Ekocoil designed and delivered Dry Cooler project with expertise and experience to one of the largest Data Centres in Europe. We worked in close co-operation with the customer throughout the whole project.

The starting point was design and dimensioning which meant precise optimization for the efficiency requirements, noise levels and energy efficiency. Several design data points were used to the most energy efficient configuration. This was done through different simulation rounds and computational analysis with our Optimizer software. A high V-model was the chosen design with high quality & high performance EC fans. This solution enabled lower fan speed and brought the most energy savings. Material choices, fan selection, fin spacing etc were all carefully considered and fully customized.

After the design phase a model heat exchanger element was manufactured in order to do a feasibility assessment on the functionality and plan production details. This is customary way of working for us, and it ensures a smooth delivery for the customer. The customized programming for EC fans was done in-house to get the most use of their technology. To maximize reliability, the Dry Coolers were programmed to operate stand-alone, so even with failure in the system, they would still run in fail safe -mode.

When the production was complete a series of FAT tests was executed to ensure that the efficiency requirements were met. Since the noise levels were especially strict, they were carefully tested. A comprehensive test run was done on individual units and as well as on the whole Dry Cooler field to ensure communication between them all.

The on-site delivery was strictly scheduled, so the whole logistic chain had to operate seamlessly. Ekocoil made the necessary arrangements and was on-site to guide and supervise the lift. Training was given for deployment.

Ekocoil products are highly durable and they provide long working life and reliable operation. Should there be any problems, we will be available for trouble shooting in short notice. We keep a wide inventory of fans, so a replacement can be delivered without delay.



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